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Alex Jerrold is a computer geek by day and photographer by night.   Photography started as a hobby, but migrated from a hobby to a pursuit.  Traveling, locating the shots, developing the pictures, and ultimately the adventure stories that become a fine piece of photography provide the creative outlet and balance a technical engineer needs!

A photograph captures a fraction of a second, but the beauty it divulges spans centuries, sometimes millions of years.  Every one of my scenes has a story and the personal connection to the art is what makes it more than just a photograph.  You can sense you are there or that you desire to be there in each of these prints.   Go ahead, walk right into the photo; no one is watching!

Whether you would like to display this art in your office, your condo, your home, or on the side of your airplane; we can make it fit your needs and space.

Please contact us today at haj@hajfinephotography.com or 770.317.3772.   We welcome commissioned work as well.

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